Introduction to Mary's Path

For the next nine months we will be using Mary's Path to guide us through deconstructing various parts of the church and rebuilding an inclusive faith community. Each gathering (two each month) will begin with a look at scripture, church history and tradition, and our own experiences. Then we will have an open discussion with those gathered in the room. These discussions will determine what the church plant in Wilmington will look like, form the children's toys to the altar and from the worship inside our walls to the service we do in our community.

Friends and ministry partners online are invited to join our discussion, add personal insight, and respond to questions as we move down the path. However, those in the room are going to make the final decisions because this church plant will be there church. If you want to form a Reconciling community in your area, you are invited to reach out and we will connect you with RMN and other resources.

Our gatherings will be posted here and on our social media outlets. You can join us live via Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to watch how we deconstruct and rebuild.

In the gathering below we deconstructed the Lord's Prayer and used our own wording to create a Mosaic Lord's Prayer. It is a work in progress and you may leave comments or suggestions below.

Below is the video of our Introdution Meeting.