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John Wesley's Methodist plan of multiple meeting places called circuits required an itinerating force of preachers.  A circuit was made up of two or more local churches (sometimes referred to as societies) in early Methodism.  In American Methodism circuits were sometimes referred to as a "charge."  A pastor would be appointed to the charge by his bishop. During the course of a year he was expected to visit each church on the charge at least once, and possibly start some new ones. 

We are taking this idea online to create planters from across the country and around the world.  As circuit riders, you will travel the internet with us as we connect online.  This group will help us decide what we do with our church platform from moderating meetings to creating content. You can remain in connection with your local church.  If you do not have a local church, we can provide the resources and training through our work with RMN to help you create an in-person faith community. 

All planters are required to take LGBTQ+ safe zone training, neurodiversity training, an IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory)  and an internet safety class as we offer them.  All fees will be covered by Mosaic. 

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